Yoga Exercise Equipment Ball

yoga exercise equipment ball
The exercise of a plan of 15 years old?

Ok, so I am a male 15 years of age. I'm 5'8 "and weighs 140 pounds. I gain some muscle, but I need a good exercise plan. I have the basic equipment (ie, dumbbells, medicine ball). I just need exercises I can work all the days that will give me more muscle and a slimmer body in a rapid period of time. I want to guide,-chest, triceps, calves and thighs, biceps and abdominal-Ya I have videos of yoga and Pilates, so what are some workouts that could help me or websites that create a plan for me? Thanks in advance! Andrew

The coincidence …. We are almost at the same height, weight and age! * Drink plenty of water and skip the soda and energy just go to another series of his goal. * Cardio. every day.Ł hour. Stretching before. * Weight lifting every other day. Muscle building is a process of decomposition (Work), reconstruction (the rest), the break (from work), reconstruction (the rest). I work every day not to give your muscles a chance to rest and regenerate. * Eat small, frequent meals. * Make fruit and vegetables available and quick / easy to handle in case of a hunger strike. * Establish a plan for goal. In this way, you can stay motivated to fulfill their plan. — http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/3day-hardcore-program.html in top ("exercises") choose the type of exercise that suit you best. ~ Goodluck!

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