Tony Little Exercise Equipment

tony little exercise equipment
The cheapest exercise equipment over 350 pounds.?

I am having trouble finding any classified cardiovascular exercise equipment for my weight at a reasonable price range. All I rated for 350 pounds is as a thousand dollars. All I've seen up close things are looking retarded gazelle sold by tony little at 4:00 am informercials. I should have mentioned … Its as -4 degrees Fahrenheit here. There is no way I leave the house for a walk, otherwise I do that.

Try a recumbent bike (it has a few years ago for $ 300 and still working fine). You are sitting comfortably and again can be found everywhere. Go to a local sporting goods / work computer store and find a bike you like then take that name and do a search www.craigslist.com (In area), you can even set a complement to the article you're looking too! Also try the local papers and eBay. You can find them. Also try elliptical too. They are out there for 300 + is only a little more difficult. I am a personal trainer so if you need advice please do not hesitate to contact me. I am in the Chicago area. E-mail with questions … Good luck can do it!

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