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home fitness equipment weights
Im 23 5'6 270 pounds weight, my BMI is over 42 and am taking steps to a healthier life.?

I need help to eat and what exercises I can do at home? (I have fitness equipment) please help with the plans you may have

Hello, first thing to cut out most carbohydrates (sugar, baking soda, too much white bread, etc.). You should then focus on eating more white meat (chicken and fish) instead of red meat (meat). Finally, try to eat more green vegetables and fruits. If you are more likely to eat, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before eating and then come sit for 5 minutes later. The water will kill some of the hunger. So far this exercise, try walking a little more. A general rule is that burn approximately same calories walking a mile as does running a mile. Try walking to store the local market / when you need some milk or other small products. You can do some push-ups with no team, is the wall, etc.

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