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What are some workouts to do at home?

I'm looking for some fitness exercises to do at home that require no equipment. I already do pushups, crunches, dips elbow, abdominal and some others. If there is any thing you can do other exercises similar to those?

Hmm, ideal for so, if you want to stay inside, would be to get a pullup bar. I can not see how this would provide a balanced training program does not include any firing exercise. I suggest getting a pullup bar, and start some sort of strength training routine. You do not need weights to the top of the body to maintain strength training, but for the lower body once squats main weapon for senior representatives (10-15) is really going to want to add a some resistance. For the upper body, I recommend starting with two different isometric exercises, a traction and a. The exercise could pull the lever frontal advance or further progression of the lever. To push, I'd recommend only iron progression. Make necessary progressions games (link at bottom of where I follow my advice;)) for a total of 60 seconds, so if you can maintain an aesthetic iron for 5 seconds, do 20 x 3 seconds. I, obviously, I recommend pistol squats (Squats on one leg) and do not want to lift heavy weight around. Build a good umber of them (I personally built a 5 series 10 before continuing). However, once you can easily make those numbers, it's the work of resistance and will not get results as good, but definitely not a bad thing to do. I suggest you find something to lift at the same time make after that point:) I'd also recommend including two "dynamic" exercises. For a beginner, pullups and dips are a good start properly. Once the teachers, can begin to reduce leverage, no add weight, of course. Falls can happen to a bending arm, handstand pushups, or dare I say arm handstand pushups if you train long enough. For pullups, you could do pullups jerky (Support arm grabs a towel wrapped around the bar as low as possible) and once to be really good at them with his arm in the down position, which could run a negative arm, and finally, an arm pullups. For best results, you want to work on the force. Force is a translation highest resistance, so you do not lose any of the numbers I have accumulated over the exercises easier. Isometircs are simple, 60 seconds total for the year are two exercises. For the guns and things dynamic upper body, you want to be working on 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, other than that I'd recommend the construction of the numbers above for guns first. Abdominal and abdominal exercises are very useless when it comes to working out. There is nothing else that really need to say. Drops and elbow flexures are a good start if you find it hard, but I'm sure you find them easy now, so I definitely would give the exercises suggested a go, to see if you like:) Finally, I would say that I do not want to force to do something that I do, I'm just giving some tips I've learned what works best for me and a lot of people I know. If you do not like working that way then find something you do enjoy! Exercise is not something that should be slaves of the cases, should be a constant adventure:) Personally, I like to exercise inside because it seems boring, so I do my strength training outside. Also explore the woods near my school, mountain biking, and swimming. Find something you like, and go! Sorry for the length, but the question you did deserve a full response:) You're trying to get in shape, which is more than I can say for most people. Good luck with your training!

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