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What type of cardio you can do at home?

What type of cardio you can do at home without equipment for exercise? Also, how I can substitute for pesos? We have some weight, but they are too heavy for me to start. I have to lose about 20 pounds of baby that was in July. Well, I have to lose 13 pounds to return to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I lose a little more than that. I think it will be much easier when it's hot outside and I can I take my baby for long walks and stuff, but now I want to start somehow. Thanks for the replies. Not sure if this issue but I am lbs 5 '4 " and 153. If someone could give me a list of things you should do to help you lose weight (abs, squats, etc) that would be great .. We have stairs in our home, but how would it go up and down to make that emotional cardio? Jumping rope is a great idea! I'll pick one today if I can. Thanks.

First off, you are absolutely right that it is much easier to do cardio when you are able to leave the house. It is very difficult to walk even for a time, while pasted on the inside. For the moment, there are a lot of things you can do at home to burn some extra calories, both large and small quantities. If you have a little money, P90X and programs like that all include at least one type of cardio cd and something like pure power yoga is an incredible burn calories. Or if you have wii, update as to the active. If you want things to do on the cheap (like me) do things like climbing stairs for cycles as much as possible within determined. Just be sure and hold the handrail while doing this. Jumps, pushups, crunches and body weight squats are all great cardio options that you do not have to worry about bulking with, and burn several hundred calories an hour depending on your metabolism. Another great way to undermine the calories is to give technology. Simple tasks like using a spoon the mixture instead of a blender, take your baby with you (I'm sure you do a little anyway) and reduce on things like soft drinks and snack foods are safe ways to lose weight faster than you think. If you need more suggestions, please send a message. They have a great day and best of luck.

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