Home Exercise Equipment Rowing Machine

home exercise equipment rowing machine
Exercises to tone up?

I am looking for a few exercises at home to help me in the mood for summer. I'm not really trying to lose weight or decrease in size or anything, I just want my muscles pop. The only team that can use a rowing machine, pilates ball, a pair of light dumbbells (and of course my feet: P) By the way, I'm going to run every day and rowing 3 days a week at least. thank you very much!

If you have a small set of weights, then a whole .. You can basically do any weight training at home .. No 6 sets for each muscle group twice a week .. For legs do squats and walking lunges, chest press to try to do on the ball and make some progress to expand the chest, triceps extension tricep kickbacks and triceps, biceps Dumbbell concentration curls to curl hammer curl, seated shoulder press with dumbbells, lateral raises and increase the front to the back row dumbbell and dumbbell deadlift .. If you do not know how to do these exercises are to youtube and search for the name of the exercise to the idea. I hope that helped

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