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Difficulty losing weight? I have 15 years HELP!?

OK, so it's been about 2 weeks since I started my diet and exercise. I have not eaten no junk food or chocolate, and only eat healthy. Well, last week I went tot eh gym machines and not there and I lost about 3 pounds. This week I've been in the gym, but have not been doing as much reinforcement equipment, strength exercises only at home and have noticed that my butt is getting bigger and I have not lost more weight. I'm about 20-40 minutes a day on the treadmill / outside or doing elliptical. And I know it's only been two weeks but I never lose more weight? I know it may take some time as months, but I just want to know?

Congratulations! that's pretty good! ] = Well, it depends on your weight, but is 3 pounds 3 lbs. Of course, you can lose more weight! But definitely not going to encourage if they have low weight or something like that. Do not be discouraged, and if you slip from time to time, you slip. Just be sure to get back on track and not too obsessed with him. You are just 15. Oh! One of the things – diet? Just eat healthy! Get fruits and meats and everything inside it Do not worry too much about "diet" because it is a fact that when most people outside their "diet" that works for everyone back in 5 years. Depends on the diet I guess. Hope that helps! =]

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