Herbal Supplements Surgery

Herbal Supplements Surgery

foods and drinks containing the following supplements or herbal supplements? please help?

Hi all, I am young in age, but trying heart to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of having surgery this Thursday (August 13) … I need to list any foods or beverages containing any of the supplements listed below! Glucosamine Chondroitin Echinacea Ephedra Ginkgo garlic Kohash Black Bio Flex Osteo Kava Valerian St. John's wort, received mailing list in the surgical center will be on Thursday. I have said that any food or drink avid containing any supplements so please help me with any food or drink that is possible should stay away from! thanks .. please wish me luck.

You would need out of their way to eat most of these herbs and supplements. All you have to be very careful to avoid is garlic, which should always be avoided before surgery because of the ability to dilute blood. Since you have been warned to avoid these things based on your individual condition, it is best to avoid drinking only herbal tea drinks like SoBe, drinks energy, and taking supplements with these things, he added, without checking with your doctor and doctor of alternative medicine. As I said before, most of these things are sold in health food stores in supplements for specific purposes and not used in commercial foods. If you want to do the best possible surgery to follow natural diet, whole foods and not eat anything with ingredients you do not recognize. Remember that garlic is used to flavor most things in restaurants Most salad dressings, canned spaghetti sauce, and tons of other convenience items. That will be the hardest to avoid. Also, if you are taking supplements, tell your doctor about vitamin E that are taking every day, as this also can thin the blood and is sometimes used for that purpose in therapeutic doses.

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