Fitness Equipment Sales Statistics

fitness equipment sales statistics
Statistics Help needed quick question please thanks?

Four sales representatives in the recumbent cycle department of exercise Fitness equipment factory store. The number of cycles lying each sold in the last two weeks can be seen in Table 1. For the following questions assume that the sample sizes are two. Table 1: Recumbent bikes sold by employees of the factory sales cycles Sold Fitness Recumbent Representative Josh Raisel 28 25 26 21 Nikki Irlen top marks for the answer must be accurate to at least two decimal places. The mark allows use of the correction factor of finite population and provide appropriate feedback if the student has made use of it. Since I founded the population mean and standard deviation of the population, all I have to find is the following: – The standard deviation of the sampling distribution

The standard deviation of the sample mean is given by σ (X-bar) = σ / √ n (where σ is the standard deviation of the population and n is the sample size). However, if the sample size is a large proportion of the population, the factor of finite population correction is applied, and the formula is then σ (x-bar) = (σ / √ n) X √ {(N – n) / (N – 1)}, where N = population size n = sample size both in this case, you have σ (x-bar) = (σ / √ 2) x √ (2 / 3)

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