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Can the old work-out still hold their own in this modern world?

Today more than ever, sport and fitness regimes are based on scientific research and progress so quickly it's hard to keep up with expensive supplements, high-tech equipment and complex work outputs. What I want to know is, at least in terms of strength training is concerned, it does the job expected of 50/60 years, still remain own? No chemicals, no supplements, pills or powder, no fancy equpiment or machines, just painfully hard, and dividing the weight oxidation records? I would be interested in finding a work force of the old days were like me I'm in pretty good aerobic fitness and I have no time for membership expensive gyms and all techincal gibberish in the journal Health Men! Any ideas? Thanks!

I do not think you can beat Rockys training, climbing mountains cutting trees, pulling machines and being chased by car You can have your machines in gyms are luxury, every morning I have a good glass honestly, 5 raw eggs, running up a mountain of snow, cut in half a forest, and still do at work at 8 am!

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