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so basically I have 16 currently in the sixth grade and decided a few years wanted to get into the fitness industry as a gym to help people use computers, so I was wondering where I start to become one? I was trying get on a course funded by the government with the lifestyle, but I am not in the education fund and put money in schools to do the course. Do you think that should ring back and talk about if I get on the court I will leave the university (to be honest, I hate going there) or should I try somewhere else. i have no qualifications to present this at the moment, but will do a first aid course soon. sorry if it's a bit much to read or posted in the wrong section! zarah I mean for the training i know you can start now, as I have seen on the Internet.

Choose a Certification – Not a great variety of certification bodies, each with different classes, workshops and exams for certification. You want to choose an organization that is nationally recognized and accredited. If you already has a club in mind, call and ask what certifications they require. If you do not know where to go to work, take some time to research the websites of the main organizations to find out: How the costs of certification, what the prerequisites are, if they offer a workshop / review in your area or program of study home. 3. Choosing a specialty – This is not necessary, but in this competitive market, many fitness trainers are increasing their resumes to obtain certifications specialty. Get a specialty certification means they have more to offer and even better, you can generally charge a little more for their services. An example is the ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist certification that takes you beyond basic personal training and lets you work with special populations such as people with chronic illnesses or injuries. 4. Getting a job in a club – Using the phone book, call some clubs in your area and ask if they use personal trainers. If they say yes, ask about the availability of jobs and the procedure for filling a request. You can also visit some of the clubs most important on the Internet and see what jobs are open. 5. Establishing your own business – in short, building your home business requires: Choosing an entity business (ie sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.), choosing a business name, register your company, obtain liability insurance, creating your gym (if you are training from your own home), aimed at potential customers, and marketing yourself. For more information, See the Guide a website or even the creation of neighborhood seminars for the business. It helps to have some equipment available to make this easier, have a computer, color printer and basic publishing software. Be prepared to hawk their wares anywhere you can: brochures sporting goods stores, getting friends and family to spread the word and sending brochures and newsletters for people you know. Offering free consultations and seminars is a great way for people in the door. 7. Improve their skills and education – Continuing education. It's a dirty job, but if you want to maintain their certification and being a good coach, you have to. Fortunately, there are some companies out there that the only function is to offer continuing education courses. Try these: The Desert Southwest Fitness, exercise, etc, or just get your CEU their own certification organization. 8. Become an essential element for its customers – To succeed in this job is hard work, talent, skill and experience. Get a certification is no guarantee that you'll either get customers or, more important to be able to keep customers. To improve your skills, consider joining a national organization, such as IDEA, and attend summits personal trainer workshops and seminars. 9. Other options – you do not have to work in a gym or even the work itself. Personal fitness trainers work in all kinds of different areas: corporate fitness, cruises, resorts, spas, online training and more. Check out the link welfare Resortjobs.com and funkycareers.com some ideas about what else can you do with that certification ingenious. 10. Beyond Personal Training – Once you are a fitness trainer established, there more opportunities available. You may consider consulting, writing fitness, sports training (with a good education), group fitness instruction or even open his own gym. Whatever you choose, you find that being a personal trainer provides everything you love in a job.

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