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fitness equipment elliptical machines
What home fitness equipment offers the best results?

I want to buy a single piece of training equipment that offers aerobic activity, but also the muscle tone. I want to burn fat and calories and tone muscles without bulking up. I've been running on a treadmill at the gym apartment complex and love the results. But I wondered if something like an elliptical machine that offers the same or better results without the wear on my body caused by the operation?

All you need are the weights. Use light weights to make the film more difficult. You can also do high intensity interval training as well. Then, with the heaviest weights you can do a basic full body weight lifting routine a few times a week for toning muscles. Do not worry, you can no bulk without steroids. You will gain some muscle, but not be seen in every major. It also will help you gain bone density and keep joints healthy. This will help prevent osteoporosis and joints when they get older. Like elipticals. I do my intervals on them. You just go from a high and low. Why Why not get get both. Adjustable dumbbells are cheap anyway.

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