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Are there gyms in India, as the U.S.?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there are gyms for working in … Sports fitness …. where women can be reached and no …. only a "Golds Gym" Men only type of club, you know the kind I mean ….( smiles) When only men raising large dumbbell weights and where women do not feel ….( Comfortable for example, having to deal with disrespectful kids Ǹ / 7) Are there women gym environment? If so, Can you describe some of the equipment? Are elliptical machines ….? all weights are "heavy" kind, or have larger machines, where there are seats with arm and leg extensions and adjustable weights …. I am thinking in particular, the area of ​​Delhi …. Thanks so much for any information

I guess if their gyms are gold medals then your e-life skills I have no idea, but all the clubs in the states have the same look and weigh machines elypticals.

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