Fitness Equipment Balance

fitness equipment balance
Is anyone else using a balance disc?

Looking for new exercise equipment and was curious how this works and what it does? http://fourgreensteps.com/marketplace/Frogkreek-Bean-Products-Natural-Fitness-Balance-Disc.html

Hello Jacob, Let me spring a big word in you: proprioception. It is the body's ability to interpret and use information about its position in space. Through a complex system of environmental information, the signals from the soles of the feet, the ratio of the inner ear to gravity, and what you see, your body feels the muscles to turn to maintain the desired position. It does this by standing up, rising from a chair or walking on the sidewalk. It also uses all these signs when you're biking, skiing, strength training in the gym, and standing on tiptoe to catch something from a high shelf. When information received is too complex to translate the system is overwhelmed and lose your balance. But with practice and experience (ie, balance training) that you can master the tasks that once seemed as simply impossible, as did the first time removed the training wheels of the bike or did child to the bottom of the bunny hill without falling for the first time. By training to develop a more balanced, you acknowledge progress in the coordination, athletic ability, and posture. This in turn will result in fewer injuries and greater stability as it ages, which can help prevent falls and keep both strong and independent longer. These are benefits that have led to many coaches, trainers, athletes, and to incorporate balance training into your workouts. So how start? I did a quick search for balance and stability in google and you will see a lot of stability and balance in the team www.GymStore.com: http://www.gymstore.com/Balance-and-Stability-s/ᖽ.htm can also see the balance and stability training here: http://www.physicalfitnet. com / exercise_video_browse_by / Training_type balance_and_stability.aspx-

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