Exercise Equipment Walking Machine

exercise equipment walking machine
I need a good exercise dvd?

I have eighteen years old and I have really wanted to tone my body. I wiegh about 95 pounds, and I'm happy with that, but I want to stay in shape is not lost wieght. I am currently on vacation and have nothing to do. And it is winter and was really cold and snowy so it is difficult walking or running. I have never exercised before and really want to start getting in shape and stay healthy. I want to find a DVD that gives me a toning workout But it is not difficult, and would definitely give results. I have no training machine, so you do not need a DVD that includes a large number of computers. I something that is a good exercise for teenage girls or whatever. Please give me some ideas that really work. Thanks

Success Point Pilates Denis Austin is sooo good, really tones your body! Plus they are short videos that can be done, even if you only have 15 minutes! In addition to being ler as $ 10 at Wal-Mart

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