Exercise Equipment Storage

exercise equipment storage
It is a donation of $ 2000 too much for $ 40,000 AGI?

I cleaned the house and storage of the spring in񎧚. In one day, who donated about $ 2000 worth of clothes, furniture, toys, computers, exercise equipment and the lady Goodwill Goodwill.The a receipt signed and dated in black and it gave me. She said I have to write on the receipt of which donated to myself. It will be a charitable contribution of one-time $ 2,0Ǡ raise a red flag with the IRS for an audit?

Some religions require a donation of 10% of revenues. In and of itself, a deduction of $ 2000 for donations is not a red flag. However, a donation of property used for $ 2000 with a receipt in which he wrote things and the amount is a problem. You must have had to write things herself, so the IRS is not suspected of lying. The other problem is that donations of goods used are a red flag. Not because of your AGI, but simply inaccurate because the value of used goods is a common problem. The value of cash is necessary, but well used is much more complicated.

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