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exercise equipment rowing machines
Experienced users gym – What do you think of this workout?

Hi, I have 16 years and have built a gym in my house. The gym includes a rowing machine, exercise bike dumbells, elliptical, sandbag, bar, bench press and multigym, excuse me if I do not know all terms, a lateral pull down, bicep curling, fixed bench, pec deck, leg raise and one or two things that do not use. I created a "rotation" of muscular exercise room, which is: – 10 reps on the bench – 15 reps Lateral pull down the front – 10 reps side down again – 10 reps pec-deck – dumbells 10 reps (each arm) – 30 sit-ups I make sure to get at least five of these rotations each time I do an exercise. I put on my team Gym weight you can only make the amount of reps in the rotation. My goal is basically to have a toned body all round. So my question That is, do you approve of the routine I have established myself? Also, is there anything that could add to this? I am very grateful for any help I can give.

weak, if you want to really win a lot of mussels and fast. you have to do is work on one body part a day. as they say their legs on Monday. so going to do squats, hip sled, dead lifts, calf raises and the material well, he's going to have to do much more than just 10 repetitions. start light in weight and gradually add more each day.

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