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exercise equipment precor
Precor weight loss for me to listen shoul be at the rate of weight loss or cardio area?

I know that sounds like a silly question but when you use the cross as often hear my coach is usually in the cardio area and I find it very difficult to keep in the loss weight, it seems easy to lose weight? I've been exercising 3-4 times a week over a month and have not noticed changes in my weight: (i wondered if it was because my heart rate is always in the cardio I do cardio work as well and the use of weights and stretches. Precor xxx in measuring heart rate and tells you what the area is in Cardio is over weight loss. I tried to go to work on my target heart rate, but can never get right to the heart because is very high. I also read that weight loss has to do low intensity so that its rate of listening remains relatively low, but this contradicts my targer pace? im confussed lol xx

to lose weight should be 80% of your maximum heart rate …. which is 220 minus your age (in years) times 80% for example, if you are 40yrs old 2Ǵ – 40 = 180 80% of 180 is 144 beats per minute …

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