Exercise Equipment Parts

exercise equipment parts
Name of exercise equipment?

I'm trying to google some exercise equipment, its position within a disc, hands grasping the top feet and locked her in the bottom of the disc. To rotate the disk around any axis of 360 degrees, and the rotation is supposed to be a effective training. I tried it on a display of athleticism, but have never seen again since. Any idea what's his name? The computer I am trying is described by at least 2 meters high. It resembles a gyroscope in the appearance and movement. The movement is generated by you twist and pull your body. You can turn to backward or forward, and the feeling is incredible. Apparently, 5 minutes on this team is a very good training. Finally managed to find a link. Thanks for trying to help. If interested, the link is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerotrim

Try searching on the providers of disc sports.

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