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exercise equipment mat elliptical
Exercise room in the office?

I've been working a desk job for almost 9 months and has taken its toll on my body and my health. I have account that 95% of employees here are on a diet or want to get into better shape and health. Another employee and I think it's a great idea for a gym in the office for employees to use during lunch or when they need a break from their computers and phones. We are not thinking of something as large as Golds Gym, something simple, like game weights, elliptical / tire tread mill, yoga mat, ball body. I was curious if anyone has a work room at work and if found to be beneficial. Also what type of equipment is used?

That's a great idea. My work does not have that, but I think an elliptical machine, a tread climber (the best fitness machine in the world), jump ropes, fitness bikes, and a television with several DVD and Yoga Booty Ballet, kick boxing, and Pillates. Good luck.

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