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Where I can get a DVD of fitness over 60?

Now I am over 60 years and have done little exercise my whole life. My job is sedentary, so I need a simple DVD that gives a fitness routine that I can do 20 minutes 4 or 5 times a week, preferably something that does not involve crawl on the floor, or the use of equipment, etc, just something that can shake my arms around in some cheesy music and I will give instant cardiac arrest. 9ins I'm male, 5 feet, 180 pounds, just extra weitht around my waist if I have to do something strenuous breath i do not leave, the only medicine I in hypothyroidism but apart from that I am healthy. I searched the net for a whole day and could not find anything suitable, even on Amazon, even Richard Simmons Sweatin 'to the time had gold but sweating to the oldies. Nothing seems right in the United Kingdom. There are some for women but not men. Any help welcome!

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