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Recumbant exercise bikes … help – what to buy?

I'm in the market for home exercise equipment to shed some pounds below the waist, butt and thighs! I am 5 feet, and it is difficult to miss where you want! The experts out there – it's a good idea of ​​what I'm looking to lose weight at all, or only get a training heart and make my thighs bigger? A local trainer said that any "sweat" it burns calories, and diet and that's all you have to worry about losing weight all over. I thought you had to carry the whole package! What ya'll think? I'm looking bike recombant, but have not been able to find out which brand is best, it works better, more comfortable, where to buy to get the best prices, and takes up less space, etc. Or any suggestions on a piece of home team a busy mother of two young men can be left in the living room, but maybe camoflauge a screen, etc? Thank you any help!

Well, you lose many kilos is sweating. Ideally, any time is compelled to keep your breathing rate up, it is a good cardiovascular exercise, which in turn helps to clarify the excess fat. Pumping iron is not grease, not to exercise for one body part. (Well, not so much). I suggest getting a stationary bike, and maybe watch TV to not be too boring. Bring a water bottle and a towel, and do not go overboard on the principle to be discouraged. If you get a recumbent exercise bike, get one with an electronic display that will track your progress. It is very encouraging to see how well they are doing! It is almost impossible to fight a specific area of ​​fat, everything is taken of your body equally. In other words, you can make all the abs you want, but it will take long time to get perfect abs. That's because there is no fat, and grease everywhere. Even then, the "thin" layer of fat that are hidden even more rock-hard abs. Check craigslist, ebay, or any other line used website. It's easy to get something four times better (but same price) and hardly used. Do not exercise in the same room as children. It's too distracting. Personally, I prefer to exercise with few or one of my friends (who is supportive, fun, and better performance) My idea? Get a used bike (but see the goal line), grab a towel, water bottle or two, a friend, a television and slippery pants that will not cause too much friction on the seat, and enter a diversion program with (gasp) prizes! PS Forgot to say … The legs are one of our strongest muscles and easy resistance. I prefer biking, and that gets rid of weight faster, him down good, and if the seat is adjusted properly, the knee is very easy. PPS BICYCLE ADJUSTMENT: Set the bike to where you are in the "mid-high heel" of fashion, and adjust the bike to your knees just a slight bend in the knee when the pedal is further away. This will ensure that your knees are not "puree." Also, keep your rpm to about 80 feet. This is the best "cadence" for burning fat. Post Post Post signatories: hehe well: Keep the cadence or rpm up, which is to ensure that they get bigger thighs. (It should be reduced in most cases)

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