Exercise Equipment Doorway

exercise equipment doorway
P90X equipment do I need ??????

I'm thinking about starting P90X I was wondering what equipment is needed? This is what I have dumbbells 5, 8, 15, 25 push-up yoga mat bars have a straight base pull up bar, but not installed I can not use that stick to the frame, because our doors are not frames so if anyone has any idea what it would be better please let me know also have a band of Pilate, but thinking about getting some resistance groups also has two medicine ball and exercise ball high will need something else? and any other advice before I p90 also how to stay motivated to keep doing it?

Sounds like you have everything you need to get started. Depending on your strength, you may need to add some more weight heavy line. You have to find a way to make use of the pull up bar or get a resistance band and wrapped on top of a door and "Down" the movement to work the same muscles. They show that this technique in the DVDs. You do not need the medicine ball or exercise ball. Everything else that I need and should have in your house (ie, chair, towel, plastic plate) be motivated was not a problem for me during the P90X. I saw some results fairly quickly and progress each week on strength training so this helped me keep my motivation of wanting to do more. You will receive worksheets that you enter your weight and the number of representatives of each day and each week try to improve on those numbers. When I saw myself doing more repetitions each week, which was the motivation in itself. Check out my blog to see my first 90 days the results: If you have other http://jwinter4fitness.blogspot.com questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Jenny

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