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exercise equipment cleaners
Fitness Guy question?

I have 14 years of age GUY years old, 5'8 and 160 pounds. I have really wanted to lose weight fast. The strange thing is that the fat part of my body is my stomach. My chest is basically flat, and then my stomach just sticks out like I have a big beer belly. The problem is that where I live, is covered with frozen snow and always below 0 degrees Celsius. "How quickly I can lose weight at home? I have a set of 12 pound dumbells that I can curl around 6-8 times. weight-bearing exercises will be greatly appreciated and I can do exercises at home using equipment.I not want to lose weight fast, please help. How I can lose weight quickly at home? NO ANSWER TO TAKE PILLS OR USE OF BODY CLEANING PLEASE.

Google On the death of the weight the body. You lean in fat, so you need to build some muscle and start eating better. Do not forget plenty of sleep.

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