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What is home exercise equipment safer when you have very young children at home?

When you have young children (Under three), an obvious end up spending a lot of time at home and is hard to go to the gym. However, most treadmills and stationary bikes have moving parts that are dangerous for young children, curious. Are there any exercise equipment at home out there that is safe for children, or ways best exercise equipment to test children at home you already have?

I suggest keeping the exercise equipment in a separate room, which is mostly off limits (eg master bedroom, guest room, or basement) and use it at a time when there is no need to monitor your child – for example, when you are sleeping. Or alternatively, you can workout while s / he is in a playground. It is good to realize that teams Exercise has many small moving parts and are not safe for the baby. That said, I am sure the big exercise balls would be harmless and may even fun for a child! Yoga and aerobics are also good alternatives that require no equipment – just a DVD!

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