Exercise Equipment Ballet Bar

exercise equipment ballet bar
How I can be fitter and thinner?

I have 15 and i dance for 4 hours 2-3 times a week. I do ballet bar, especially the work and some cross plan. I'm about 163cm tall and about 47 kg. It is definitely a normal weight but want to be a nimble. The thigh and the area should end become thinner. I also want to be stronger in general for me to do better in dance. I only run at least once a week, so I need other exercises to increase my endurance and speed. No need to become as an athlete, but I just want to be more fit. Thanks. And I have no exercise equipment, I can not go to the gym. (: I want to work on my arm strength I do not think I have a healthy diet, but I also do not enjoy too much to eat vegetables and fruits, but I'm .. not very aware of what I eat. I do not want to be somebody that has and plans of what you eat every day so what should I do?

Hello another.girl There are some other things you can do to cut calories to speed up your metabolism burning. As your metabolic rate and thermogenic rate rises, your body will burn more calories (even while sleeping). Thus, carrying out activities that increase your metabolism, you can get fit and more light. For example, research shows that drinking green tea, which are able to increase the speed of your metabolism by 3%.

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