Exercise Equipment Abdominal Exercise Machines

exercise equipment abdominal exercise machines
You guys would be as good as an elliptical?

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Sports/Exercise-equipment-weights/Exercise-machines/Abdominal-machines/auction-163102214.htm I'm trying to lose weight in general, but especially my thighs and my baby weight after the birth of the beer belly! .. Please give your suggestion in elliptical or thigh and leg shaper butts opps sorry i was writing my post i quickly forgot I missed a word in my title! Thanks Micah, but I do not believe in anything unnatural without exercise and healthy eating lol.Thank s' to the warning too:) I've seen several posts of the same person and I do not think it's safe lol I'm very cautious click.So Thanks for the elliptical suggestion.I i was going to ask if one is good in him

no, that's rubbish. Stick to an elliptical. Remember, you spot song NOT reduce any part of your body for the training that only a part. Furthermore, 80% of body composition is the diet. There is no training to kick ass out varies doing a poor diet.

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  1. Thanks for the isngiht. It brings light into the dark!

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