Exercise Equipment Abdominal Belt

exercise equipment abdominal belt
How to get a 6 pack abs and abdominal muscles in the martial arts?

Hi, I'm a martial arts black belt I just got there and I am strong all because of my age but I have yet a little fat around my waist and stomach Ike is not a beer belly lol but its a little and see a six pack I have to get rid of that fat any suggestions on exercises to get rid of the fat or anything to get rid of him no I will not buy the pills ot equipment to do it anyway, thinking things well please. Thanks and a comment

If you want it, you will. Is how much you want it what counts. 6 pack abs look good, but not as important to me. Even if it's for yourself, you have to do more than wave around a black belt. Nadar. Run. Yoga. Stretch. Pushups. Abs. Men are much easier than women to get the ABS so consider yourself lucky. Oh, and care what you eat. Since you have a belly that you have to trim the fat by running 30 minutes a day, but make sure you do abs before you run. After run will make things painful. Remember, too much of everything that is not good. Unless you build a high metabolism, you will have a difficult time. You really have to watch what you eat. Like seriously counting calories. (For me it is hell itself.) The best of luck.

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