Bowflex Exercise Equipment Treadmills

bowflex exercise equipment treadmills
How I can lose 10 pounds ??????????????

How I can lose 10 pounds by my birthday in October Fifth!? please help and tell me what to eat souldn't. I have the following exercise equipment: Bowflex treadmill and an exercise ball. thanks guys all the answers are greatly appreciated

Try this exercise: 3 days of cardio a week (20 minutes) 3 days of weight training a week (45 minutes) 1 day off diet: six small meals a day for six days – a portion of the protein – a portion of complex carbohydrates – all the vegetables you want a day off per week, eat whatever you want If your program of 12 weeks (and you're a guy), you can easily lose 35 pounds and get rock-hard muscle.

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