Abdominal Exercise Equipment Crunches

abdominal exercise equipment crunches
How should I work my abs without any equipment?

I guess abs stomach felt a lot of my fat is in my chest, abdominal pain (Ab) are, whatever. Not the whole team to work because I do not enough and my parents are lazy (seriously, they want a reason for everything we ask to buy for me, I asked for an ab lounger really nice that was less than $ 200 and said no, and we can afford it). Anyway, I am ready to put in the time I'm not going to be lazy and am a hard worker. Even if that means getting up at 5 to exercise after I started my day at 6 and check-out 7. Now the question. What exactly should I exercise? How long? How many? How exactly what took place the year? O not even know what reverse abdominal crunches are.

1. Bike The bike has been ranked the best ab exercise by the Amercian Council on Exercise, because it uses every muscle in your abdominal muscles to create a strong, lean torso. Make sure your abdominal muscles pulled in (draw your navel towards the spine cord) and keep them contracted throughout the movement to protect your back. Do not hold your breath and go slowly so you can really feel! No 10-16 repetitions. 2. Table Table is another excellent exercise that challenges the transversus abdominis and the muscles of his back. You can do this movement in the elbows or hands. Position yourself as if you were about to make a plate and hold that pose, so that your body is in a long straight line from head to toes. Do not let the sinking of the belly and keep the neck straight. Always you can! More: strength of the baseŃ. Crunches on the ball was not living under a rock, you probably know that using an exercise ball provides an abdominal workout very hard. Instead of doing crunches on the floor, found on an exercise ball. I challenge you your abs in a whole new way while working other muscles in your body such as legs and buttocks. Make sure you do not pull your neck and a little update if the motion is too difficult. More: Ball Crunch 4. The reverse crunch crisis is very good inverse to work the obliques and helps you target the lower abs too. There are many ways to do crunches reverse, but one of the best is to put an exercise ball under your knees. Make sure your abdominal muscles contract and used to lift the hips off the floor. It is a very small movement and should not be used or the momentum swing. Plus: reverse crunch 5. Ab Slide This exercise also challenges abs differently, but it is an advanced exercise so pay close attention to your back. The movement is to roll or slide your hands out, using the abdominal and back muscles to keep the body upright and then hire them to pull in. You can use anything from a torso track wheel or Ab to a pair of pieces of cardboard for this movement. On the other hand, if you really want to lose fat in that area, you have to do cardio, I suggest going rope for 20 minutes 4-6 days a week. Hope this helps! 🙂

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